Price20,000 rubles 
Ammo Capacity30 
Loadout Slot2-handed 
First AvailableChapter 4 
Upgrade Slots2 (max 3) 

Rate of FireHigh 

The AKS-74 is the most common weapon used by the enemy soldiers. It is inaccurate at longer ranges, has a somewhat slower rate of fire than the Korbov TK6, and has less damage. Despite this, it is a fairly effective weapon, especially when aiming for headshots. All AKS-74s wielded by the enemies have Governors attached.


  • Ammo Type: Assault Rifle rounds
  • Ammo Capacity: 30 rounds


  • The AKS-74 is the only weapon in the entire game that is correctly named after a real-life counterpart.
  • All AKS-74s seem to have a red-dot sight mounted on the front of the gun.
  • The AKS-74 is the first weapon that can be picked up by the player.
  • The AKS-74 is the only weapon that the player can pick up ammo for from other guns of the same model (only in the Prologue)
  • The AKS-74 seems to have taped-together magazines, as shown when Hayden reloads.

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