Haha! So, you've come to see how capitalism really works.


Hey! It's Yankee Doodle!

The Black Market Dealer is a character in the game Dark Sector. He sells Hayden weapons for the price of some rubles. He can be found in the Black Market, which can be accessed using flashing manholes marked with a painted white lotus.

His face cannot be seen; he is always in darkness despite the presence of a lamp behind him, and is separated from Hayden by wire grating.

He comments on various purchases that Hayden makes, and speaks with a stereotypical Russian accent.


  • Let's get this straight, Yankee Doodle. You stay on good side of bars like monkey, and maybe I toss you some peanuts.
  • For Yargo, I'll give the semtex. But! Welding off Governors... Ooh... It's tricky business. Cash up front.
  • Hey! It's Yankee Doodle! He's come to town!
  • Look who it is! My favourite half-monster customer!


  • There is no hole in the grating through which he can pass weapons to Hayden, so it is unknown how Hayden actually acquires the weapons.