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Chromas are infected humans that have further mutated/evolved, due to their age, like Stingers. They appear as a hunched, metallic humanoid with many glowing blue stripes across their bodies. The head of the creature does not appear to have any eyes or mouth, only having glowing stripes, making it a mystery how it produces its screeching/growling.

Chromas have the ability to turn invisible for short periods of time, similar to Hayden Tenno's Shift ability, making them very difficult to track. They appear to "pixelate" before turning completely invisible. Chromas also have blue, phosphorescent blood. Like Stingers, their skin is vulnerable to fire and can regenerate after a while. Also like Stingers, Chromas can fire projectiles from organs in their forearms, albeit being blue in coloration

Strategy Edit

Chroma can become almost completely invisible, making tracking the creature extremely difficult. Chroma will appear to 'pixellate' before becoming invisible for a few seconds, often moving to another location. It does not seem to be able to stay invisible for a sustained period, as it will often reappear shortly afterwards, often in a new place. The Chroma bleeds phosphorant blue blood however, so a lucky blind shot can reveal its location.

Their particles can be deflected back at them by the use of the player's shield. If they are close to the player, they will sometimes leap onto them, initiating a Quick-Time event. If the player succeeds, the Chromas are thrown off. However, if they fail, the Chromas will decapitate Hayden. Should the Chromas sustain enough damage, they will glow red, allowing a finisher to be performed. This involves Hayden driving the Glaive into the Chroma's skulls.

Trivia Edit

  • In Dark Sector's spiritual successor, Warframe, a character with the same name has a similar design and one variation of chroma is listed as "infested" , although that is all that is really similar.
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