As is well known, Dark Sector was released for both the Microsoft XBOX 360 and the SONY Playstation 3, and there are two separate button configurations for the game. Because, not everyone can be expected to buy both systems, the use of a general action and button effect list will aid readers of this wiki.

Standard ControlEdit

Actions XBOX 360 PS3
Move Hayden Left stick ?
Move Camera Right stick  ?
Aim Left Tigger  ?
Use fire arm Right Trigger  ?
Throw granade Left Bumper  ?
Throw glaive Right Bumper  ?
Ranged pick-up RB at distant item  ?
Power Throw Hold RB  ?
afterTouch RB after throwing the Glaive  ?
Roll A + Left stick  ?
Cover A near object  ?
Break Cover A while in cover  ?
Sprint Hold A  ?
Melee B  ?
Kick B looking down  ?
Finisher B near weakened/distracted enemy  ?
Context Action B near door/box/etc.  ?
Reload X  ?
Pick up item X near item
Shield Y  ?
Shift Hold Y  ?
Draw Handgun+glaive D-pad Right  ?
Draw Rifle/Shotgun D-pad Left  ?
Quick inventory D-pad Down  ?
Flash Light D-pad Up  ?
Check all items Back button  ?
Pause menu Start button  ?


Action XBOX 360 PS3
Walk Left Stick  ?
Camera Right stick  ?
Mini-gun RT  ?
Rocket launcher RB  ?
Counter measure Y  ?
Disembark B  ?
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