Energy Trap is an ability that Hayden gains during Chapter 3. It allows him to "trap" an element such as fire, ice, or electricity in his Glaive, which lets him use it to solve environmental puzzles, take out enemies more quickly, or to use Energy Pulse.

Simply throwing the glaive into an element such as a burning truck or an overloading circuit breaker is enough to charge the glaive, and from there the element can be used for any purpose, such as opening a locked metal door or freezing water to form cover.

The element will expire after about half a minute, requiring a recharge if the player wishes to use the element again.



When electrified, the glaive will begin to emit bluish-white electrical sparks and will give off a crackling sound. It will also give off a bluish-white light.

Enemies who have been killed with an electrical glaive will stand rigid and shake uncontrollably while giving off large sparks of electricity.


When set on fire, red flames will dance around the glaive, and a burning sound will emit from the glaive. A red-orange light will also be given off.

Should an enemy be killed by a fiery glaive, he will be set on fire and dance around in an attempt to put out the flames, until collapsing in a heap of fire.


When frozen, the glaive will appear caked in ice, and the sound of water freezing can be heard.

Enemies killed by a frozen glaive will turn into a statue of ice in the shape of the killed enemy.


A glaive charged with any element will do as much damage as a Power-Throw when thrown at an enemy, making it a very useful combat tool. It also will not need to be charged up like a Power-Throw does, allowing more enemies to be killed in a shorter period of time.


Electricity will stun opponents momentarily when an electrical glaive is thrown at them. It is also used to open sparking mechanical doors and to ignite gas leaks. Player can easily kill the mauler with single electrified power throw because charged glaive will send the electric current right through their shield. Mechanical enemies such as cyber suit trooper or jackal will be momentarily disabled when hit by electrified glaive. In addition, Electrically charged glaive will also force open jackal's driver hatch. Allow Hayden to take out the driver and hijack it.


Fire will set an enemy on fire, causing damage over time. It is also used to get rid of infected growths, and to ignite lamps and gas leaks.


Ice does not do much to enemies, but can be used to freeze pillars of water in order to form cover. It can also put out large fires that block Hayden's path.