Enferon is described in game as a mild irritant to uninfected persons, but is a lethal chemical agent to those who have been infected with the virus. Enferon is usually deployed in grenade format by soldiers wearing full rubber Haz-Mat suits (yellow and orange in colour). The grenade emits a brown/orange gas which, if Hayden comes into contact with, will turn the screen a brownish/yellowish photo-negative effect whilst his health will steadily drain. An auditory warning can be heard whilst in the middle of an Enferon cloud. The best course of action to take is to evacuate the cloud and take cover somewhere else. The health loss will stop and the screen will return to normal.

Later in the game, the player will gain an armoured suit with helmet, which negates the effects of Enferon. However the soldiers seem to be unaware of this, as they keep tossing Enferon grenades.

An Upgrade Briefcase available in the game is Enferon Shells. This allows weapons to fire projectiles coated in Enferon, enhancing damage towards infected targets. Hitting a target with an Enferon Shell will poison it, releasing miniature Enferon gas clouds, eventually killing it after a period of time passes.

The invented term seems to be derived from the word "interferon." Interferons are a real class of substances of many different kinds, produced in the body to stimulate and regulate the immune system -- found in both humans and animals and also serving other functions not related to the immune system. In real life, you cannot administer unaltered interferons in gaseous form, but it might be possible to combine synthetic interferon drugs with dimethyl sulfoxide, thus making it able to pass through skin and membranes. One would likely need to have the mixture placed into tiny microcapsules so that the mixture would not separate before it reached the target. Even if it did work, the formulation could be ruinously expensive.

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