Grenades are weapons used in conjunction with firearms and the Glaive. When thrown, they explode after a short time and deal massive splash damage to enemies, but seem to have reduced effectiveness on the player. They have a very high drop rate, but have a faulty aiming system, which makes throwing them where the player wants difficult. In Brutal mode, one grenade will kill Hayden instantly if it is near him. They flash red when primed. A well-placed shot can destroy a grenade in the air, detonating it. After 10 hit flying projectiles (including rubble the Colossus throws), the player earns the Skeet Shoot achievement. Only 4 grenades can be carried at a time.

Unwanted grenades can be sold for spare cash, at 450 rubles for a full load of grenades.


  • The Frag Grenades seem to resemble the RGD-33 stick grenade, albeit without the fragmentation sleeve and with a more modern design.
  • Frag Grenades can be thrown from behind cover without aiming. This is not recommended, because the grenade is most likely to not hit the target.
  • Frag Grenades are only thrown by standard soldiers without Haz-Mat suits.
  • An easy way to earn the Skeet Shoot achievement is to kill all enemies except for one standard soldier. The soldier will throw a grenade once in a while, so the player should stay behind cover, adjust the aiming reticle so that the player can pop up and shoot the grenade in mid-air. The enemy will throw an unlimited amount of grenades, providing that the player wait.

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