The Gatling Gun is dropped by Cyber-Suit Soldiers. However, it can only be picked up after Hayden acquires the full-body suit due to its massive weight. The Gatling Gun fires high-damage bullets at an incredible fire rate. It also has a built-in rocket launcher, which holds 10 rockets. It fires at a fast rate and has reasonable splash damage.

When Hayden is carrying the Gatling Gun, he moves at a very slow rate. Also, he cannot sprint, roll, or snap to cover, making usage dangerous if the player does not stick behind dense cover.

When pulling the trigger, the Gatling Gun's barrels must rotate for around two seconds before it actually starts spitting out bullets. However, this is an acceptable wait, because once it starts firing, it doesn't need to stop. The sheer power of the rounds can literally cut enemy limbs off, similar to a power-thrown Glaive. The Gatling Gun's accuracy isn't stellar, but its infinite ammunition and extremely high fire rate offsets this disadvantage.


  • Hayden can vault over low cover with the Gatling Gun, but he cannot climb ladders. If the player tries to do so, Hayden will automatically drop the gun.
  • Gatling Guns are not equipped with Governors, despite their immense power.

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