Ah, a real beauty! A single bullet can cut through several men at once!

Hammer 1895
Price31,000 rubles 
Ammo Capacity6 
Loadout Slot1-handed 
First AvailableChapter 6 
Upgrade Slots2 

Rate of FireLow 

The Hammer 1895 is a double-action, break-open magnum revolver, with a high degree of accuracy and penetration. In fact, it is so accurate that it can be used to snipe across large distances. It is also very powerful, capable of killing a standard Haz-Mat soldier in one shot. Its only shortcomings are its small ammunition load and slow rate of fire, meaning increased difficulty when dealing with multiple enemies at close range.

It is recommended that players upgrade the Hammer 1895 with the Extended Magazine and Fire Rate upgrade kits, to improve its efficiency. Additionally, the Penetration upgrade should not be applied, because the Hammer already has a high degree of target penetration. Further penetration upgrading would be wasteful and useless.


  • Ammo Type: Magnum rounds
  • Ammo Capacity: 6


  • The Hammer 1895 seems to be based off the Webley revolver, which was developed in 1887. However, the Webley did not use magnum rounds, and instead was chambered for the .455 Caliber round.
  • The Hammer 1895 shares ammunition with the VX Carbine.
  • This is Yargo Mensik's weapon of choice
  • The Hammer 1895 has similar firing sounds to the Lex and Lex Prime, sidearms found in darkSector's spiritual successor, Warframe.

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