Moles are large, dog-like infected. They are rarely seen throughout the story, and are killed quickly and easily. They are first seen in Chapter 4, crawling out of the ground when Hayden approaches. They are next seen in Chapter 5, aboard the Handysize freighter.


During the first encounter, players should immediately run up to them as they are crawling out of the ground and melee them. After a successful melee, they can be killed using a finisher. Here they have almost a zero threat factor.

During the second encounter, a Mole will be seen in a cage. Shoot it while it is still in the cage, to prevent it from bursting out possibly later. The next Mole aboard the freighter will be able to attack you. It is weak and killed easily with a few shots, melees, or a power throw. They still do not present a threat to Hayden.

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