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The Nemesis is the result of an evolved technocyte strain, and the addition of an external exoskeleton suit which seems to amplify/provide the Nemesis with many evolution powers. Its identity is unknown until Hayden kills it, revealing it to actually be Nadia Sudek.

The Nemesis first appears in the Prologue, when it infects Hayden with the technocyte virus. Nemesis appears to be almost entirely bulletproof, and can only be damaged by either high-explosives or Hayden's glaive. The suit itself seems to be another model of the suit Hayden later acquires.

The Nemesis fights with a large double-ended blade, which can kill Hayden instantly in one slice. She can also throw the blade and have it return to her, just like the glaive. Additionally, she is stronger than Hayden, but it is most likely because of the suit.

Evolution abilities:Edit

  • She is able to stop projectiles in mid-air and redirect their path, as seen in the Prologue when she stops and throws back a rocket that Hayden shot at her.
  • She is able to infect other people, as demonstrated when she infects Hayden. Hayden is not infected right when Nemesis stabs him, but rather after Mezner commands her to, meaning that she seems to have control over the flow of the infection from her blade.
  • She is able to conjure a shield from her left arm. The shield is larger than her body, but only has one side. This shield seems to last indefinitely until damaged by an electric charge. This is visually similar to Hayden's shield texture, but it only covers one side of her, while Hayden's shield covers everything except for his back.
  • She is able to conjure electricity and charge her blade with it, seemingly at any time.


  • She is the only enemy who can perform rolls like Hayden.
  • Without the suit, Nadia Sudek is somewhat shorter than Hayden.
  • Her suit was the first ever made.
  • Warframe, the spiritual successor to Dark Sector, contains the playable character Nyx which bears similarities, e.g. their helmet and powers (telekinesis.)
    • Coincidentally, in Greek mythology, Nyx is the mother of Nemesis, further connecting the two.
    • Additionally, an alternate skin for Nyx looks strikingly similar to the Nemesis frame and contains the same name.
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