Hahaha! Crowd control in the palm of your hands! I'm sure you'll be satisfied.

Price39,000 rubles 
Ammo Capacity12 
Loadout Slot2-handed 
First AvailableChapter 5 
Upgrade Slots3 (max 4) 

Rate of FireMedium 

The Protecta is the game's best shotgun. It is superior in most ways to the Striker and the Spectre. It has improved accuracy, range, damage, and ammunition capacity. Players prefer to pass on other Black Market weapons and save up for the Protecta.

The Protecta is commonly used by Lasrian soldiers in single player, although it can only load 6 shells (similar to the Striker). It also has 94 extra shells and is attached with a Governor.


  • Ammo Type: Shotgun shells
  • Ammo Capacity: 12 rounds


  • The Protecta is named after the real-life Protecta shotgun, which is an improved model of the real-life Striker. (coincidentally, the in-game Striker is a poorer version of the in-game Protecta) The weapon itself, however, seems to be an H&K FP6.
  • While enemy shotguns have the Protecta's silouette and cosmetic design, they are funtionally more similar to the Striker.
  • The Protecta uses similar firing sounds to the Corinth, a pump action shotgun found in darkSector's spiritual successor, Warframe.

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