Vitals: 43 years old - 6'4" - 190 lbs.

Nationality: American


  • Advanced degrees in biology, engineering, physics and geopolitics
  • Military strategy, covert intelligence tactical planning
  • Able to manipulate electronic transmissions which control Technocyte activity

A brilliant scientist and cunning expert on global politics, Dr. Robert Mezner had worked for the Agency for nearly two decades, working his way up from Lab Assistant to the Experimental Technologies Lab to a board member for the Agency's "Futurist Enclave," a select group of agency administrators and operatives who work towards determining how cutting edge technologies and geo-politics will affect the near and long-term future of the planet.

Mezner specialized in advanced, and very dangerous nanotechnology as applied to both bio-enhancement programs and exploitation, expansion or termination of natural resources within confined areas.

He was recently dispatched on a mission to Lasria, where an unknown virus had begun to affect the local population beyond the point to which the Russian military could handle. The Agency lost all communication with Mezner within a week of his arrival in Lasria.

Mezner's last known message drop contained a badly chopped audio transmission. The file was recovered to the point where the following could be made out: "[static]….. I have found [static] from the bowels of the Lasr…[static]. What is amazing about this discovery is they're still alive! I [static] from the room and have felt power [static]." End transmission.

At that point, the tape suddenly got very clear and Mezner ended by saying, "Everything you know about Dark Sector is wrong." That was the end of the transmission.