The Rocket Launcher shoots a high-damage heat-seeking rocket-propelled grenade, with accuracy. It can lock onto Kamov helicopters and Jackals by holding the reticle onto the target after a few seconds. The Rocket Launcher is required to take down some enemies that Hayden cannot destroy otherwise (the Kamovs and Jackals). The Rocket Launcher is prominently used by enemies when the player is riding a Jackal, and the player must avoid these rockets by launching flares. Ammunition is usually sparse, and limited to a specific area. In some of these areas, supply boxes are present, and provide infinite amounts of rocket ammo. However, these areas are quickly played through. Hayden can take the Rocket Launcher with him in later mission stages if he ends an interval holding one, in a few cases.

Hayden can carry a total of 5 rockets.


  • The Rocket Launcher is based off of the RPG-7.
  • The Rocket Launcher has a heat seeking ability and pinpoint accuracy. This is impossible in real life, because the Rocket Launcher launches a simple and crude rocket propelled grenade.
  • Spare rockets are not left in Hayden's inventory.
  • The game also features Stationary Rocket Launcher turrets, although few players realize this.
  • The player can climb ladders with the Rocket Launcher in-hand.
  • It is unknown why Rocket Launchers are not equipped with Governors, though it is possible that should a governor go off on a loaded Rocket Launcher, the detonation could set off the rocket, killing the user or other Military personnel

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