Stationary Rocket Launchers are only featured in Chapter 9. They are used by the Lazrian troopers to combat Hayden (even if he does not use a Jackal). They seem to function exactly like the portable Rocket Launchers, even featuring the same lock-on function. There is a usable Stationary Rocket Launcher mounted on a watchtower, which Hayden can actually climb. The player aims through a blurry, mounted sight, and can fire a rocket just as powerful as a normal Rocket Launcher, able to blow open the large doors in 2 shots. However, they have a very slow fire rate.


  • It is unknown why a Stationary Rocket Launcher was incorporated into the game so that the player can actually mount on it, but not put it to any real good use such as killing enemies.
  • On the tower with the usable SRL, the soldier mounted on it is also equipped with a portable Rocket Launcher, for unknown reasons.
  • The Stationary Rocket Launcher has unlimited ammo.
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