About meEdit

For safety sake, I will conceal my Identity. You may call me Werefang or any veriation of that. I am on a number of other wiki's (more so than this one) and may include less information. I have all of the 1P achivement for darkSector including Brutal mode so I may be considered a bit of an expert of this game or at least as close to one that one can become. I do not have an XBOX Live account yet but aspire to get one using the Identity of Werefang or some variation of it.

I am the current sys-op here and hope to fill that role well. I have set up shop at my /Workshop.

Other things that I am doing:

/nosub-template for using my sig template
/sig-aforementioned sig template.

Favorite weaponsEdit

Tecna 9mm-useful for head shots at any range in the hands of a partially competant player (me). And you KNOW what they say about the best things in life, right?

Karbov-gelatinize an enemy with 30 rounds per second. Worth the wait.

Gaming tipEdit

Buy it now. Replace it later. Some of the suggestions in the weapon pages refer to Karbov as not being cost effective. The first time I played through the game I bought the AKS-74. By the end of the game I wanted Karbov so baddly that I decided to sell my AKS and buy it. I noticed that you can sell weapons back for quite a bit of money. So that is my suggestion for all future players. Get a lower stage weapon and trade up.


Name A. J. Werefang (alias)
Station Rochester, NY.
Date of Birth March 1, 1990
Age 19
Height 5'6"
Weight 138 lbs.
Blood type O, - Rh factor
Fire-arm Karbov TKS
Side Arm Tekna 9mm
Device XBOX 360
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