VX Carbine
Price30,000 rubles 
Ammo Capacity6 
Loadout Slot2-handed 
First AvailableChapter 5 
Upgrade Slots3 (max 4) 

Rate of FireLow 

The VX Carbine is a high-powered scoped carbine. It is capable of killing early-stage infected and human targets in one shot. The VX comes attached with a low-zoom scope, which are used when the player aims, and can be used to snipe enemies at long range. However, its moderate recoil, slower rate of fire, and considerable sway when scoped in hamper the player from sniping quickly. It has excellent accuracy, similar to the Hammer 1895.

The VX Carbine is only seen once in the hands of an enemy. It is used by a standard infantry soldier overlooking the deck of the Handysize Freighter in Chapter 5. The sole purpose of this is to provide a VX Carbine so the player can snipe the enemy from above. Note that a longer-lasting Governor is attached, although it is likely for the player to run out of ammunition before the timer expires on normal difficulty.


  • Ammo Type: Magnum rounds
  • Ammo Capacity: 6 rounds


  • In the Black Market, the VX Carbine is shown without a scope
  • The VX Carbine shares ammunition with the Hammer 1895 revolver.
  • The VX Carbine seems to be based off of either the M14 or the M21.

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