Excellent choice. Watch the kick on it. Try to control the bursts and she'll sing for you.

Vekesk Micro
Price21,000 rubles 
Ammo Capacity30 
Loadout Slot1-handed 
First AvailableChapter 4 
Upgrade Slots2 (max 3) 

Rate of FireHigh 

The only fully-automatic sidearm weapon, the Vekesk Micro is very versatile in many combat situations. Its magazine capacity is on-par with the game's assault rifles. The Micro is very reliable as a close-combat weapon. Players can defeat Riot-Shield soldiers easily by tossing the Glaive at their shields at close range, and spraying with the Vekesk.

The Micro lacks the accuracy and low recoil of Assault Rifles, so it is best at close ranges, and long-range targets should be met with burst fire, or engaged with other weapons with more range.

It is also not recommended for players to use the Vekesk in conjunction with a two-handed Assault Rifle. Since they share ammunition, players will burn through quickly.


  • Ammo Type: Assault Rifle rounds
  • Ammo Capacity: 30 rounds


  • The Vekesk Micro is based off of the real-life Klin PP-9.
  • The Vekesk shares ammo with Assault Rifles, which would most likely make the Micro a PDW.

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