Somehow he knows I sent that message...


Thank God you're here...

Victor Sudek is a minor character in Dark Sector. He only appears in Chapter 1, tied to a chair for sending an emergency signal to The Agency, likely after Mezner went rogue on the Agency.

He is apparently infected with the Technocyte Virus, as one of Hayden's objectives in Lasria is to kill Victor. After Hayden kills Victor, Dixon remarks that it was too dangerous to extract Victor, as they can't risk bringing the infection to the United States of America, and that the infection would spread like a plague.

Nadia Sudek holds a grudge against Hayden for killing Victor, as he is mostly likely her brother.


  • Mezner may have left Victor alive so that the Agency would rescue him and accidentally bring the infection to the developed world; unfortunately for him, this did not work, as Hayden killed Victor instead of extracting him.