Weapon Crates are sources of ammunition for Hayden. They come in two varieties: a small, wooden crate that can be opened using the Glaive or firearms and a larger, metal, green crate that are locked with metal chains and can only be opened using a Power Throw. The metal crates may also hold a supply of rockets for the Rocket Launcher.

Once opened, the crates will contain an Ammo Box that can be picked up by Hayden normally or using the Glaive with the Steal ability. The wooden crates may contain either a small or a large ammo box. Metal crates may contain either a large ammo box or an infinite supply of rockets.


Wooden CrateEdit


A wooden crate

Wooden Crates are small, rectangular, wooden crates with Russian writing on the top in black and yellow paint. They can be opened easily, using melee, the Glaive, firearms, or explosives, and may even be opened by enemy fire. They are affected by physics and can be pushed around by the player. After being shattered, wooden pieces of the crate scatter around the area and can also be moved by the player.

Metal CrateEdit


A metal crate

Metal Crates are larger and squarer. They are green in colour and rough in texture, and open in a clamshell manner. Most are locked with glowing metal chains, requiring Hayden to open them with a Power Throw, popping them open and revealing a large ammo box. They cannot be opened with anything other than a Power Throw.

On occasion, metal crates will not be locked and can be simply opened repeatedly for a full resupply of rockets. They mainly appear when Hayden must take down a Kamov helicopter. When opened, they will be kicked open and searched by Hayden, before being closed again, giving Hayden a full supply of rockets.

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