Vitals: 61 years old - 5'4" - 220 lbs.

Nationality: Russian (Georgian)


  • Expert at electronics and counter-surveillance techniques

Yargo Mensik is a former GRU Colonel and Cold War operative who now serves as a sleeper-agent for the Agency within Lasria. Hiding in a secret observation post within the Lasrian Port Authority, Mensik is wired into the barely-functioning dilapidated security system that remains splayed throughout the rusted-out city.

His pipe perpetually perched and unsmoked in his mouth, Mensik has watched the city come apart in a matter of weeks. Thinking he is safe from the infection due to the booster packs which were drop-shipped to him at the start of the outbreak by the Assignment Director, Yargo awaits Hayden's arrival to provide back-up support.

During the course of Hayden's assignment, Yargo supplies him with booster injectors intended to stem the course of the Technocyte virus, information which leads Hayden to the still-thriving Black Market so that Hayden can restock his weapons supply.